How to negotiate commission

with your Salesperson


Buyers and Sellers in a tight economy are still looking to save a few thousand wherever they can.

More and more sellers Nationaly are opting for an ala'carte service where sellers can choose to pay for the services they feel they need and avoid paying a 6 or 7% commission.


Most times commission is  split between the listing agent and the agent representing the buyer.  It can happen that the same agent represents both, in Ohio that's called being a dual agent, but it really doesn't happen very often.


Agents are motivated by the fact that they have to split the commission with their broker.  Most new agents make 50% or less and still have to pay marketing costs out of that.

Nationally more consumers are looking for either Flat Rate, Discount or Ala'carte brokers.

Flat Rate generally means that you pay a specific fee to get your  home posted on the Multiple Listing Service and for a specific length of time.  In addition you will be offer a percent to the Buyers agent which could be as low as 1% to as high as 4%.

Discount generally means the company is offering to list for a lower overall rate.  This sometimes means that the commission they offer the Buyers Agent is lower.  Make sure you know what is included and not included at the lower rate.

Ala' Carte   generally means the consumer can pick to pay a  certain amount for listing the property.  This could include: pictures with the listing, sign etc.

then they may have a marketing package which includes Open Houses, advertising, mailings etc.

Closing Package to take you through inspections, negotiating a post inspection, getting the deal through the closing .