What are you              earning?


Sell an average house for $200,000
at 3% commission

paid to your Brokerage $6,000

at 50% you got $3,000

less your office fees, franchise fees etc.


at 100% you get $6,000

pay only $199 per month
and earn 100% commission 

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As an agent with You set your own commission with your listings.  That means we give you the opportunity to take 6 % listings, or do Flat Fee Listings or just offer a 4.99% listing.  
You are free to run your business the way you like.
Call and speak directly with Broker to find out how we can make this YOUR business.

Agents, licensed in the State of Ohio are always welcome to apply for a position with our company.  




Featured Listings

Featured Listings
357 Chatham
357 Chatham
Price: $180,000.



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